Apulian by birth, she lives a life dedicated to flowers’ colors, inspired by family tradition. Her passion began since childhood when, together with her family, spent whole days in plant nursery which became her second home.

Fascinated by beauty of nature, in love with the most beautiful flowers’ color she starts the Wedding Planner career.

It’s from here that Ausonia Wedding is born, not a team, but a real family. A family bound by an indissoluble connection shown with love and professionality.

Our smiles, the desire to make everything extraordinary and teamwork made Ausonia Wedding a big reality, becoming a dream-maker.

Experience and creativity of Antonella make every event perfect and studied in detail to exhaust every desires of yours.

Pure beauty moments are framed by details which best marry your desires.

The choice of your dream location is important based on the event’s typology to organize.

The location is the frame whose painting will be deliciously decorated by the most beautiful flowers.

The design is studied with originality to delight your guests and make them participants of an unforgettable event.

Antonella, together with her staff, takes care of the smallest details in all kind of events: Holy Communions, Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries, Graduation Parties, Birthdays.

The staff of Ausonia Wedding undertakes, with professionality and great passion, to take care of the smallest detail in every event.

The idea of beauty and perfection represents the foundation of Ausonia Wedding.

Her only goal is to make happy whoever relies on her to celebrate a special day. Around her name revolves only an idea of elegance and beauty, ready to satisfy dreams of the protagonists of the event.

Uniqueness and refinement perfectly marry customization of every aspect.

Her incredible passion and meticulous search of perfection excites everyone.

Antonella leads you in the long path of crafting your dream event. Save time and stress, but you will choose everything you want. The attention and daily passion will be interpreters of your desires, through which Antonella realizes your exclusive event. Every detail speaks about you!

The Apulia is the territory in which Antonella is able to express her artistic and creative inspiration.

Realize your dream, realize your unforgettable event.