Ausonia Wedding customizes your Wedding Day with exclusive services.

The coordinated image for your event interprets and represents the style of the newlyweds.

Antonella, thanks to her artistic inspiration is able to makes you dream taking care of the smallest detail, creating a leitmotiv which links all elements making the event harmonious and surprisingly.


Antonella, together with her exceptional staff, realizes unforgettable events. Floral arrangement, location, sets come together in an event whose will let your guests speechless.

Experience and creativity are the perfect union to let you dream.


Flowers represent the true essence of a wedding.

Their colors represents the spouses, their characters and their attitudes. Simple and minimal compositions or true and real floral works, flowers with their infinite shades, become true protagonists capable of amaze and make your painting extraordinary.

Customize any location to perfection is one of our strength.


The invite is undoubtedly the beginning of your wedding.

Starting from the invite, to the customization of the menu and the tableau marriage everything is meant for follow a fil rouge which capture the true essence of the whole preparation.

Antonella creates customized logos, original ideas of tags for wedding favors and gadgets, particular placeholders to personalize in excellent way your event.


Wedding favor represents a symbol of your love and a gift for guests who shared with you this moment of love.

From symbols of our territory to modern accessories, let yourself be guided by Antonella in the choice of your personalized wedding favor.


Ausonia Wedding takes care of every detail of your perfect Apulian Wedding. Countless partnerships made Antonella a Wedding Planner capable of realizing all your dreams.

Hair Stylists and Make Up Artists with proven experience, exalts the beauty of our brides.

Video Makers and Photographers captures the most important moments of your wedding, to preserve an indelible memory.

Catering and Banqueting lets your guest travel to search the best taste coming from our territory, Apulia, in a location beautifully decorated ad hoc.

Discover all the services that Ausonia Wedding can offer you.


You know, looks are important, especially on their wedding day Among wedding essential wedding services, Antonella has chosen in her staff the best hair-stylist and make-up artist, ready to make you perfect on the most important day of your life.

The Wedding Beauty starts form the beginning with make-up test and hairstyle test. It is then confirmed with the chosen bride and groom dress. And not only…the Wedding Beauty is ready to help you even during Wedding Day.


A photo is forever…it allows to catch the most emotional moments of your event to make it eternal.

Unique professionals will support Antonella to tell your events.


The Wedding dress enhance the beauty of every woman. Antonella will also accompany you in the choice of your dreams dress.

The result will be unique and enviable.


Whether you choose a civil or a religious ritual, the choice of location is fundamental.

Delight your guests by welcoming them in a location made unique by our preparations. Let’s choose together where to spend your dream and customize the event with taste and elegance.

Your wedding will remain in everyone’s heart and mind.


Good food and extraordinary hospitality will be the right frame for your event.

Thanks to our experience, we propose the best catering ready to delight you thanks to star chefs and unique delicacies.

Whether your menu is of sea or land, make it one-of-a-kind with specially created dishes for your wedding. Our catering service will allow you to customize the menu in the smallest details.


The Wedding Cake represents the peak of an unforgettable wedding. Antonella, together with her Ausonia Wedding staff, personalize your Wedding Cake with topper cake decorated with flowers that reflect the wedding mood.

Elegance, refinement for a worthy conclusion of a wedding organized with passion and creativity.

A sweet moment to end a memorable event.


Hospitality has a fundamental role in every wedding. To ensure a comfortable and pleasing stay to your guests, Ausonia Wedding manages the hospitality section to make the whole wedding perfect and let your guests feel at ease.

Ausonia Wedding will help you in the choice of accommodation for your guests, management of arrivals and departures and everything that the hospitality service entails.